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Exterior Building Restorations

77135We repair and restore, preserve and protect. When we look at concrete or stone or any other material, we see more than the surface. We see everything. Quality materials. Quality equipment. Quality people. We invest heavily in the right tools, and the right personnel.

Structural Concrete Repair – removing all deteriorated concrete, exposing corroded re-inforcing steel, surface prep of exposed steel and concrete, proper treatment of the bond lines, and application of an appropriate patching material with similar properties to the original concrete.

Strengthening – Typical elevated concrete slab construction relies on either rebar, external post tensioning cables, or some combination to achieve the desired strength. If either the original construction was faulty, or the desired loading of the slab changes, the structure may be strengthened.

Balcony Repair – concrete repair, railing removal/reinstallation or replacement, deck coatings, replacement of caulk and repair of adjacent brick, dryvit or other exterior wall finishes.

Masonry Restoration – We perform repairs on deteriorated brick as well as to address leaks through the masonry walls. We also install
Post-Tension Repair – Post Tension Cable (PT cable) reinforced structures use steel cables as strengthening components.

Garage Repair – post-tensioned slabs, and can involve one way slabs, two way slabs, pan decks and joist decks. Occasionally garages will consist of combinations of conventionally reinforced areas and post-tensioned area, and/or combinations of the different slabs and decks. new control joints and pin the exterior wythe to the back up wall in cavity wall construction.

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